Experimenting with Extremely Dark Paint

 I recently purchased the world's darkest paint, Musou Black, and wanted to share my results. 

Half an apple, painted very black

Overall, it's hard to tell if I'm amazed or disappointed. From the right angle and distance, it looks like there is a hole in space where whatever is painting black is. It is impressively black. Yet up close in most lighting, and especially with a flashlight, it's immediately obvious that the extremely black texture is just very black paint. Also, if any dust gets on the paint it tends to stay there, and touching it ruins the micro scale bumpy texture which helps capture the light that touches the paint. 

While Musou Black is sold as the world's darkest paint, there are actually darker coatings that can be applied. I thought about trying to recreate vanta black, or similar ultra dark coatings but after watching some videos I decided the chemistry equipment required would make it a pretty difficult project.